How To Change The Layout of LunaNotes

LunaNotes offers two distinct layouts for note-taking: Sidebar and Inline. Each layout has been thoughtfully designed to cater to different user preferences and styles of video consumption. In this guide, we'll delve into the specifics of these two layouts, providing a detailed comparison to help you choose the one that best fits your needs.

Sidebar Layout

  • The Sidebar layout introduces a dedicated note-taking panel that appears adjacent to the YouTube video. It's a discrete companion to your video viewing, designed to complement full-screen mode seamlessly.


  • Full-Screen Compatibility: Ideal for users who frequently watch videos in full-screen, allowing note-taking without exiting this mode.

  • Unobtrusive Design: Can be easily hidden or displayed with a click, providing a non-intrusive note-taking experience while preserving the original YouTube interface.


  • Regular Interaction Required: Users might find themselves frequently toggling the visibility of the sidebar, which could interrupt the flow of video consumption.

  • Screen Real Estate: When active, the sidebar takes up a portion of the screen, which may be distracting for some users seeking a full viewing area.

Inline Layout

In-Depth Description:

  • The Inline layout integrates the note-taking area directly into the YouTube interface. This layout is consistently in view, anchoring below the video player, reshaping the standard YouTube layout to accommodate an uninterrupted note-taking experience.


  • Constant Accessibility: Ensures that your notes are always visible, eliminating the need to switch between notes and video.

  • Steady Note-Taking Environment: Provides a fixed, stable area for notes, reducing the need to adjust your view or toggle between different modes.


  • Not Suitable for Full-Screen Viewing: This layout cannot be utilized in YouTube’s full-screen mode, which may limit the immersive video experience for some users.

  • YouTube Layout Modification: Alters the standard YouTube layout, specifically by adjusting the placement of related videos and other elements, which might not align with the preferences of all users.

  • Potential Distraction: Its permanent visibility might be less appealing for users who prefer a minimalist, distraction-free viewing experience.

Switching Between Layouts

  1. Click on the LunaNotes icon to open the settings.

  2. Navigate to the ‘Layout’ section and choose between 'Sidebar' or 'Inline'.

  3. Your selection is saved automatically, ensuring a smooth transition.


Your choice between the Sidebar and Inline layouts should align with your viewing habits and note-taking needs. If you prefer an immersive, full-screen video experience with the flexibility of discrete note-taking, the Sidebar layout is ideal. Conversely, if constant note visibility and a stable, integrated note-taking space are more your style, the Inline layout will serve you well. Experiment with both to discover which layout best enhances your learning and content engagement on YouTube with LunaNotes. 🌙✨

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