What's new: integrations, new AI tools, share notes and more ✨

We're thrilled to announce several exciting new features in LunaNotes, all designed to make your note-taking experience more seamless, interactive, and efficient. Whether you're a free user or a premium subscriber, there's something new for everyone. Let's dive into the latest updates!

Zapier Integration

Our premium users can now integrate LunaNotes with Zapier, unlocking a world of automation possibilities. With over 7,000 integrations available, you can connect LunaNotes to almost any app you use. Automate workflows and sync your notes with tools like Notion, Obsidian, Evernote, and Google Keep. Imagine automatically saving your notes to a Google Doc or creating tasks in Trello based on your video notes. The possibilities are endless!

Share Notes

Sharing your insights has never been easier. Free users can now share their notes publicly, making it simple to disseminate knowledge and collaborate. Premium users have the added benefit of sharing notes with specific users, providing a more controlled and private sharing experience. This feature is perfect for team collaborations, study groups, or sharing content with friends and family.

Chat with Video

We've introduced a new "Chat with Video" feature that allows you to chat with an AI and create notes based on the responses. This interactive AI-powered chat enhances your learning and engagement, providing instant answers and insights as you watch the video. Whether you're watching a tutorial, attending a virtual class, or participating in a webinar, this feature brings an extra layer of interactivity and utility to your note-taking.

Video Transcriptions

Understanding video content just got a whole lot easier with our new transcription feature. Now, you can see the transcription of the video directly in LunaNotes by clicking on the new toolbar button. This feature is incredibly useful for studying, making content accessible, and ensuring you don't miss any important details.

Improved Timestamp Feature

Our timestamp feature has received a major upgrade. The new design is more intuitive, and you can now add an end timestamp for your notes. This allows you to highlight specific segments of a video, making it easier to refer back to important parts. Whether you're capturing the key points of a lecture or bookmarking your favorite scenes in a tutorial, this feature enhances your note-taking precision.

At LunaNotes, we continually strive to improve your experience and make note-taking more efficient and enjoyable. We believe these new features will greatly enhance the way you interact with and learn from YouTube videos.

Try out these new features today and take your note-taking to the next level!

Fernando de la Rosa

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