What’s new: AI integrations, new settings, and more ✨

We're thrilled to announce some exciting updates to LunaNotes. We've been working hard behind the scenes to improve your experience and make our tool even more powerful and user-friendly. Here's what's new:

Boosted by AI:

  • Summarization: Don't have time to watch a full video? Our new tool gives you a quick summary so you can get the main points in no time.

  • Keyword Extraction: This helps you spot and remember the most important words and topics in a video. It's like having a highlighter for your videos!

User-Friendly Addition:

  • Auto-Resume: We've added a new setting to enhance your experience. Now, with the Auto-Resume option, your video will seamlessly continue playing after you save a note, saving you those extra clicks each time.

LunaNotes Website Redesign:

We're excited to unveil our newly redesigned LunaNotes website. It's sleeker, faster, and crafted for a smoother user experience. Stay tuned for upcoming tutorials and guides, ensuring you get the best out of LunaNotes.

We're excited for you to try out these new features and hear your feedback. As always, we're here to make your YouTube viewing and note-taking experience the best it can be.

Happy watching and note-taking!

The LunaNotes Team

Fernando de la Rosa

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