What's new: Favorite notes, infinite scroll, filters, and more ✨

Welcome, fellow note-takers! At LunaNotes, we're committed to enhancing your note-taking journey continuously. We're excited to introduce several new features that will elevate your experience and make note-taking a breeze. Let's explore these enhancements together:

Seamless Note Management

LunaNotes now offers a seamless way to move notes between different videos. Whether you've accidentally placed a note in the wrong video or simply want to reorganize your notes, this feature makes it effortless.

Personalize Your Notes with Custom Titles

Your notes, your style! LunaNotes now allows you to personalize your note titles. Give your notes unique and meaningful titles that resonate with your study or work objectives. This customization feature enables you to quickly identify and access the information you need, exactly the way you want it.

Favorites and Note Filtering

Some notes are more important than others. LunaNotes introduces a "Favorites" feature, enabling you to mark specific notes as favorites. Whether it's a crucial concept you want to revisit or an inspirational quote you don't want to forget, your favorites will be just a click away for swift access.

Finding the right note at the right time is essential. With LunaNotes, you can effortlessly filter your notes, whether it's by video or by marking them as favorites.

Endless Exploration with Infinite Scrolling

LunaNotes introduces infinite scrolling for both the notes and video sections.

Image Uploads Made Simple

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. LunaNotes now allows you to upload images directly from your clipboard into your notes. Enhance your note-taking experience by incorporating visuals effortlessly, making your notes more engaging and informative.

These new features are designed to empower you in your note-taking journey. They are just a glimpse of what LunaNotes has in store for you. We're committed to continually improving your experience and helping you work and study smarter.

Happy note-taking!

Fernando de la Rosa

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